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The do-it-yourself Online Inventory Management System


We are the only and first business social networking system equipped with do it yourself online inventory management system and CCTV or IP cameras in which small or big business can encode, save, compute and check their daily sales inventory anytime and anywhere in the world through the internet.


 Businessmansbook offer a new level of handling your small or big business through innovative social network features. It is fast and easy to use that even a vendor can use it. Here, you can manage your business sales, inventory and other everyday business related computations. You can also view other member’s products and promos and place orders or leave comments and messages.


Businessmansbook is very suitable for business owners, small or big because running your business will give you a very hectic schedule doing your reports which needs time, effort and money. To lessen your job, you will hire additional full time salaried employee to do the computation and checking of reports for you. Additional employee meaning additional expenses and additional space in your office. But with businessmansbook.com, all your reports are calculated accurately and immediately by the system which you can view anywhere and anytime you want through the internet. Here, you can identify right away if there are discrepancies in your sales and inventory reports so you can notify your people immediately. Also at businessmansbook you will see what’s happening inside your business or home anytime anywhere you want through the IP cameras.


Businessmansbook also offer an ultimate advertising because aside from free registration, you can actually promote or sell all your business products and hottest promos. By simply posting it on your businessmansbook social network page where your friends, clients, merchants partners and visitors can view it. They can also follow you at this site and of course leave comments, messages, and orders and even rate your products.





The do-it-yourself Online Inventory Management System


Businessmansbook, Inc. was founded by its President/CEO Mr Acuzar in the early of 2016.  Before that Mr Acuzar is running a small local contact centre.  He also entered the food cart business in 2011 in which he is the one handling the inventories, deliveries and other managements involving their food cart business.  He bought several food carts and put it in several places in Manila.  As their food carts grow, his inventory and delivery management became loaded every day. His work has become stressful. Almost every day he’s going to bed around 3am to 5am in the morning just to be sure that their food cart business are running properly.  It came to his mind to create a simple program where when he encoded the reports which was texted by their crews this program automatically computing the discrepancies between the reported sales and total products cost sold.  But it’s not enough to help him with his inventory and delivery management because one day when Mr Acuzar and his family are on a beach, in the middle of that precious moment with his family, he found himself using his laptop and encoding reports texted by his crews. That day it came to his mind to just hire a person who will do the inventory encoding for him so he can concentrate on other things like how to grow more his business and especially to have enough time for his family.  But after a week of hiring that personnel, he saw the disadvantages, like he still needs to use his laptop to download the reports emailed by the personnel; and also other person is seeing the confidential figures of their business.


One morning, while peeing in the small toilet of their apartment, it came to his mind, “what if I create a website for this do-it-yourself inventory system so once I log in I can directly view my inventories, discrepancies, deliveries, sales, profit and many more details of my business.  Also, my crew doesn’t need to text us the reports instead they will encode it directly to that website.  I just need to equip them with smartphones or tablets with internet access.  Then I can view the report from my own tablet or smartphone anywhere I am.  By this I can also share it with all the businessmen in the world”. 


Then they created the program and they called it Acuzar Inventory. The result is very outstanding, it is very reliable and accurate.  In a blink of an eye you can check your inventory, sales and other business related details you need to know.  Then they put up a small contact centre and start calling businessmen, small and big to try their do-it-yourself inventory system.


One night while Mr Acuzar is navigating on facebook, it came to his mind, “what if I create a business social network equipped with this do-it-yourself inventory system.  And instead of personal photos or videos, business photos or videos are to be posted. By this all the users can promotes and sell their products through this business social media.  If I, myself spending hours navigating facebook for personal reason, I’m very sure I would also definitely love to navigate in a business social network involving my business or livelihood”.


So they created this business social network.  They derived its name from facebook.  They called it businessmansbook.

Website Features

Handle your business anytime and anywhere, Fast and Easy.

  • Create your own online inventory system.

  • Check every shift inventories, discrepancies, sales and profit anytime and anywhere.

Secure your Business Assets. 


  • Know your business daily average, consumptions, sales, and profit.

Know how many items you should order.


Check your crew/staff.

Print your reports or export it to PDF.

Know your weekly, monthly and yearly run rates.

Promote your products or company through our social media.


  • Search and buy products online.



We shall let all the businessmen in the world that we are here to provide the reliable and accurate do-it-yourself online inventory system they need in their business. We shall share the world the innovative idea we have now and in the future.



We shall give our clients the accurate and reliable do-it-yourself online inventory management system through our business social network.  And we shall make them realize how fast and easy, exiting and comfortable it is to manage a business using our developed online inventory system.



We are the only social networking system equipped with do it yourself inventory and IP Cameras which we assure you will be very useful to you as a businessman.





” We Make Business Better “